Arctic Research

Studies of carbon and nitrogen cycling in tundra ecosystems

Black Carbon

Lab and mesocosm experiments linking the chemical structure of black carbon to its biological degradation and transport dynamics in a northern temperate forest soil

Chronic N Amendment

A long-term stable isotope study at Harvard Forest to examine nitrogen cycling in a hardwood and red pine temperate forest

Detritus Input & Removal Treatment (DIRT)

Studies of soil organic matter formation through simple manipulations of above- and below-ground litter sources.

Enhanced Background Isotope Study (EBIS)

A distributed, enriched isotope study for AmeriFlux hardwood forests to characterizing organic carbon flux from litter sources to mineral-soil sinks

Forest Accelerated Succession Experiment/Forests in Transition (FASET/FIT)

Studies carbon and nitrogen dynamics during disturbance and succession with an ecosystem-level experiment at the UMBS AmeriFlux site

Forest Carbon Chronosequence Studies

Studies of the drivers of forest C storage from canopy closure through successional time

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