SSG 2017-2018

CoppolaBBustLRProfessor Brian P Coppola developed and has been the faculty director for the Organic Chemistry SSG program at the University of Michigan since 1994.

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He joined the Michigan faculty in 1986, following four years at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. He did his PhD dissertation at UW-Madison.

The SSG leaders

Charles Nino

Senior majoring in biochemistry and planning for an MD/PhD program.

Interests: video games and competitive powerlifting. I am the Director of Volunteering for the Pre-Surgical Club and President of Phi Kappa Phi.

My research involves the development of novel compounds to target multiple oncogenic pathways simultaneously.

Jingyi (Jenny) Luo

A senior majoring in chemistry and planning to attend graduate school.

Deeply passionate about teaching, pizza, and cat pictures.

And my goal in life…

…is to educate the world on the proper formatting of ACS style citations.

Jack Gatti

Senior majoring in Cellular/Molecular Biology and minoring in Medical Anthropology. I hope to attend medical school after I graduate.

DO Neurology research on CADASIL, a genetic cause of vascular dementia.

President of Motley Crew, and I enjoy running and playing trombone in the Michigan Marching Band

Rebecca Tarnopol

I hail from Metro Detroit, and I study Cellular & Molecular Biology and English.

During the year, I push flies by day and words by night. During the summer, I push myself up mountains.

In the future, I hope to pursue microbiology research and teach.


Akira Nishii

Born in Japan… brief inhabitant of Virginia… raised in Michigan.

I am a soccer enthusiast and loves interacting with different people.

One day I hope to become a physician-scientist…

…and to travel the world!

Michael Ryan

Just a Neuroscience major who dreams of becoming a physician. An Ann Arbor native who lived in Boston for a few years but is now back in the game.

On the side, loves working with computers, playing video games, and kicking around a soccer ball around almost as much as he loves resonance and acid-base chemistry.


Kaitlin McKernan

I was born in Boston, but I have grown up in Chicago.

Outside of school, I love running, traveling, reading, and watching Sunday Night Football.

In the future, I hope to attend medical school to pursue a career involving biological and medical research.


Andrew Min

Chemical engineering major from a small town in NW suburban Chicago.

I am an avid Michigan football fan; one of my greatest Michigan memories so far was being able to work for BTN as a freelancer, which allowed me to be on the sideline during a game.

I hope to do research related to drug discovery.