Reclaiming Representations & Interrupting the Cycle of Bias Against Native Americans

Author(s): Arianne E. Eason, Laura M. Brady, Stephanie A. Fryberg

Unpacking the Mascot Debate: Native American Identification Predicts Opposition to Native Mascots

Author(s): Stephanie A. Fryberg, Arianne E. Eason, Laura M. Brady, Nadia Jessop, Julisa J. Lopez

Sanitizing History: National Identification, Negative Stereotypes, and Support for Eliminating Columbus Day and Adopting Indigenous Peoples Day

Author(s): Arianne E. Eason, Terrence Pope, Kendra M. Becenti, Stephanie Fryberg

Erasing and Dehumanizing Natives to Protect Positive National Identity: The Native Mascot Example

Author(s): Juntao Doris Dai, Julisa J. Lopez, Laura M. Brady, Arianne E. Eason, Stephanie A. Fryberg

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