Inspiration for “Letters from Cuba”

The cover for Ruth’s new middle-grade novel was just revealed by the Nerdy Book Club, along with an essay by Ruth on the origins of the novel:

“Though my new middle-grade novel takes place in the Cuban countryside in the late 1930s, Letters from Cuba is my heart’s response to the current news of deportations, immigrant travel bans, and international refugee crises. How, I wondered, could I talk back to the cruel anti-immigrant climate of our era? It occurred to me that by setting my novel in another time and place, I could offer a fresh perspective on how we think about immigrants, especially immigrant children. Because seeing immigrant children in cages hurts us all….”

Read the entire essay, “Inspiration for Letters from Cuba,” here.

Remembering the Woman Who Was My Second Mother in Cuba

In this personal essay for the on-line Anthropology journal Sapiens, Ruth reflects on the death of her friend and childhood nanny in Cuba, the gifts they exchanged over many decades of reunion, and the cultural and economic changes on the island since the early 1990s.

Remembering the Woman Who Was My Second Mother in Cuba

“When my cellphone rang on the morning of December 12, 2018, and I saw the call was from Paco Lopez in Miami, I took a deep breath. I told myself that he did sometimes call just to say hello or update me on the family in Cuba. There was no reason to expect the worst. But I knew that one day he’d phone me with bad news. This was the day.”