The Multiple Identity Intersections (Mii) Lab is directed by Dr. Isis Settles in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan. The lab is housed within the Personality and Social Contexts program, which takes a critical and often intersectional lens to research and scholarship, examining the roles of social context, power, and oppression in shaping individuals’ life experiences.

The goal of the Mii Lab is to study the psychological and organizational consequences of mistreatment (e.g., racial discrimination, sexual harassment) faced by individuals from marginalized social groups, particularly racial/ethnic minorities and women. Within the lab, we seek to identify consequences of mistreatment, risk and protective factors, and explanatory mechanisms. To do so, we use qualitative and quantitative research methods. Most research in the lab focuses on college students and employees in academic and other workplaces (e.g., the U.S. military). Find out more about the research currently being conducted by the lab.