Pilot Project: Latin American and Caribbean Forum

In 2014, graduate students and teachers came together from the University of Michigan and the University of Puerto Rico to discuss current conversations in area studies and teaching methods. This successful event opened the door to the formal collaboration and symposia that have become the hallmark of this project.

This first conference was sponsored by The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Michigan, Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan, and the Facultad de Humanidades, Departamento de Historia at the University of Puerto Rico. 

The participants’ biographies, the abstracts for the papers they presented, and a related resource for educators are available to the public here. 



JENNIFER BOWLES, U-M Department of Anthropology

Hands on the Green Leaf

LARA CARIDE, UPR Departamento de Historia

El Fin de las Humanidades

MARTÍN CASTILLO COLLADO, U-M Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

La Cultura y Lengua Quechuas en los andes del Sudamérica

JOSÉ DAVID COLÓN, UPR Departamento de Historia

Historia, Derecho y Urbanismo en América Latina: El caso de Piura en el periodo colonial

JUAN R. HERNÁNDEZ GARCÍA, UPR Departamento de Historia

Curando la historia: violencia y memoria en el Museo de la Memoria de Chile

FERNANDO PICÓ, UPR Departamento de Historia

La Gran Sequía de 1847 en Puerto Rico: ¿Consecuencia de la deforestación local o fenómeno global?

MELISSA REYES, UPR Departamento de Historia

Recorriendo los caminos de la esclavitud

KIM RUSTEM, U-M Ford School of Public Policy

An Environmental Justice Perspective on Proposed Oil development in Ecuador’s Yasuni-ITT and Developing a Political Strategy as a Stakeholder Group

DIANA SIERRA BECERRA,U-M Joint Doctoral Program in History and Women’s Studies

La Reina Negra: Neoliberal Citizenship in the 2001 Election of the First Black Miss Colombia

HOWARD TSAI, U-M Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Ethnicity in the Ancient Andes

MARTIN VEGA, U-M Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

La enseñanza del náhuatl y sus vínculos con las comunidades náhuatl parlantes