How to add a PDF to a page as a link?

add media
figure 1

1. Click “Add Media” button on the page you are adding your PDF link to.



upload files
figure 2

2. Using the Select Files button (or by dragging and dropping your files in), select your PDF and click the open button.


PDF Link Text
figure 3

3. After it uploads in the add media window, there will be a “checked” checkbox on the file and you’ll see an Attachment Details area (in gray to the right; see figure 3). If you’re uploading multiple files they will all have checkboxes. The active file that’s displaying the attachment details on the right will have a highlighted blue checkbox.  See figure 2 above for the checkbox example.

4. In the File Title field name the PDF how you’d like the text to appear on the site (figure 3).

5. Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.29.59 PMThen click “Insert into Page” in the media file window.  This will close the window and insert the PDF Link.

6. Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.30.11 PMThe editing page will now show the PDF file as a link.  See the example screenshot on the left: “This is the PDF Link TEXT.”

7. To edit the PDF Link text click into the link by putting the curser between the P and D in this example: PDF and writing in your text around it: Publication D.

You have successfully attached a pdf as a link. When you click on the word you chose to link (example below “PDF”) your pdf will open:

Publication Example:

Web Services 2015. “How to add a PDF to a page as a link?.” WordPress Review 77(5):780. PDF