Late Intermediate Occupation at Cerro Azul, Perú: A Preliminary Report

Joyce Marcus

Cerro Azul was a late prehistoric fishing community on the south-central coast of Peru. It was one of several communities that belonged to the region of Huarco before falling to the Inca. This volume is the preliminary report of an interdisciplinary project carried out at the site from 1982 to 1986. The remains of many buildings exist on the site. During this project, crews excavated four of these, as well as middens and burials.

Order from the University of Michigan Press.

Publisher: Museum of Anthropology

Year of Publication: 1987

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Pages: 112

Price: $8

Print ISBN: 978-0-915703-12-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-951538-27-9

Monograph Series / Number: Technical Reports No. 20


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