The Land of Houlouf: Genesis of a Chadic Polity, 1900 BC–AD 1800

Augustin F.C. Holl

This work contains a thorough review of important archaeological sites on the Chadian Plain, including Houlouf, which the author excavated 1980–1990. Other sites discussed are Deguesse, Krenak, Hamei, Blé Mound Complex; Yaere sites Mishiskwa and Madaf; and others. Holl examines the rise and fall of the Houlouf chiefdom, patterns of Holocene Late Stone Age colonization, diachonic trends, paleoclimatology, and historical linguistic evidence for this little-studied area of northern Africa.

Order from the University of Michigan Press.

Publisher: Museum of Anthropology

Year of Publication: 2002

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Pages: 271

Price: $30

Print ISBN: 978-0-915703-52-4

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-951519-91-9

Monograph Series / Number: Memoirs No. 35

Tables / Illustrations: 53 tables, 304 illustrations


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