Imperial Transformations in Sixteenth-Century Yucay, Peru

R. Alan Covey, Donato Amado González

In this volume, R. Alan Covey and Donato Amado González present an archaeological and historical introduction to the Yucay Valley, as well as the complete transcription of the first volume of documents in the Betancur Collection. They show us how and why the lands and resources in the Yucay Valley (near Cusco, Peru) passed through so many hands. This book is a major contribution to Andean research because the authors examine the disparate and competing interests harbored by diverse people, from Inka emperors to the Spanish Crown and from Colonial-period elites to tributary populations, while providing demographic and ethnic details. In sum, the legal documents published in this volume offer unprecedented data on ethnicity, demography, and the history of conflicting claims and interests of all those who worked and lived in the Yucay Valley of Peru.

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Year of Publication: 2008

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