Maguey Utilization in Highland Central Mexico: An Archaeological Ethnography

Jeffrey R. Parsons and Mary H. Parsons

AP 82

The maguey plant plays a central role in cultural adaptation and cultural change in highland Mesoamerica. This book is a comprehensive study of the plant and its use. Includes chapters on maguey cultivation and pulque production, maguey fiber processing and spinning, and the archaeological implications of the available ethnographic and historic information about maguey utilization.

Miscellaneous Studies in Mexican Prehistory

Michael W. Spence, Jeffrey R. Parsons, and Mary Hrones Parsons

AP 45

In this volume, the authors present research on three important classes of artifacts from Mexico: Michael W. Spence and Jeffrey R. Parsons report on prehispanic obsidian exploitation in Central Mexico and Mary Hrones Parsons writes about Aztec figurines and spindle whorls from the Teotihuacán Valley.

Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Texcoco Region, Mexico

Jeffrey R. Parsons

M 3

In this volume, archaeologist Jeffrey R. Parsons presents research based on an extensive 1967 survey of the Texcoco Region in the Valley of Mexico. The sites are organized by time period, from Middle Formative to Aztec. Parsons describes the sites in detail and compares them to those of the same time periods in the Teotihuacan Valley and the Valley of Mexico in general.