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– Stephen sees the reshaping of single-molecule spectra!

Stephen Lee has uncovered single-molecule fluorescence emission spectrum reshaping upon near-field coupling to individual gold nanoparticles using hyperspectral super-resolution fluorescence imaging!

  • S.A. Lee and J.S. Biteen, “Spectral Reshaping of Single Dye Molecules Coupled to Single Plasmonic Nanoparticles,” Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 10 5764-5769 (2019). DOI

– Curly and Harrison understand emission polarization rotation by plasmonic nanorods!

Tiancheng Curly Zuo collaborated with Harrison Goldwyn from the Masiello Lab at the University of Washington to use a combination of single-molecule microscopy and analytical theory to understand how far-field interference and off-resonant coupling contribute to the rotation of dye emission by plasmonic nanorods.

  • T. Zuo, H.J. Goldwyn, B.P. Isaacoff, D.J. Masiello* and J.S. Biteen*, “Rotation of Single-Molecule Emission Polarization by Plasmonic Nanorods,” Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,  10 15047-5054 (2019). DOI.

– Hannah reviews labeling strategies for fluorescence microscopy in anaerobes!

Hannah Chia’s review of labeling strategies for fluorescence microscopy in anaerobes (where conventional oxygen-dependent fluorescent proteins like GFP fail) is now out in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology!

H.E. Chia, E.N.G. Marsh, and J.S. Biteen, “Extending Fluorescence Microscopy into Anaerobic Environments,” Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 51 98-104 (2019).
DOI: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2019.05.008.

– Congratulations Dr. Stephen Lee!

Congratulations to Stephen Lee who defended his thesis on “Enhanced, Live-Cell, Super-Resolution Imaging and Single-Molecule Emission Spectrum Reshaping”! Stephen will do some last experiments in our lab this spring before moving on to a postdoctoral research position.