WordPress Option for CTools Project Sites

By now all of the CTools Course sites have been migrated to Canvas.  ITS is currently piloting the plan to decommission CTools Project Sites and developing a timeline to migrate project sites to other platforms.  You may already be aware of ITS’s plans to decommission CTools Project sites.  However, if this is  news to you, check out this post from ITS for more information: Have a CTools Project Site?  Time to  Move it! 

ITS is recommending the following migration options for CTools Project Sites:

  • Resources from CTools Project Sites will be moved to MBox

We recognize that MBox and Google Groups will be the solution for the vast amount of migrated project sites but we think that some sites may  be good candidates for a WordPress website.

We’d like to encourage you to proactively contact us at lsa.web.support@umich.edu if you think WordPress would be the right fit for your CTools Project site or if you have any questions about it.

See examples of published Faculty, Lab, Graduate Student, Research Project, and Conference sites in our network:  WordPress Site List.

Don’t need your CTools Project site any longer?  You can delete it manually now.

If you no longer need your project site contents, we encourage you to delete them:

  • Log in to CTools. Click My Workspace in the top navigation.
  • Click Worksite Setup in the left menu.
  • Click the box next to the site(s) you wish to delete. NOTE: You can only delete sites you created or own.
  • Click Delete at the top of the window.

Or you can wait until Bulk Migration begins in Spring 2017

Site owners will be able to use self-service tools to download content, request their site be deleted, and request that their Resources or Email Archive not be bulk migrated.  ITS will have training and help guides available to make the transition easier.

Proposed Timeline:

  • Fall 2016: Select academic and administrative units will pilot the migration approach and tools
  • December 2016: New project sites require a request to the ITS Service Center
  • February 2017: No new project sites in CTools
  • Spring 2017: Self-service tools will allow site owners to download Resources or Email Archive content, request their site be deleted, and request that their Resources not be bulk migrated
  • Spring 2017 – Spring 2018: ITS faciltitates bulk migration of CTools Project Site Resources to Box
  • December 2017 – Fall 2018: Limited content from old CTools Project Sites will be available as “read only”