See you in Pittsburgh for HSP 2023

drawing of a soup can with the words HSP2023, March 9-11, and Pitt

We are looking forward to HSP2023 in Pittsburgh! Be sure to see the latest from lab members on cross-language grammatical representations, modeling retrieval interference, and Junyuan’s masters thesis (MPI Psycholinguistics) on cortical phrase-tracking!

  • Jeonghwa Cho, Cross-language masked prefix priming (Poster 3.1, Friday 12:50-2:15)
  • Tzu-yun Tung, Modeling retrieval interference during naturalistic comprehension (Thursday 5:50-7:00)
  • Junyuan Zhao (with Cas Coopmans and Andrea Martin), Cortical tracking of phrases is modulated by both structure and statistics (Poster 1.14 Thursday 5:50-7:00)

And don’t forget to check out work from our fellow Wolverines:

  • Maze Correlates of N400 Responses in English Argument Structure Processing (Montana Thommes, Dawn Lau, Thea Kendall-Green, Lisa Levinson; Poster 1.19)
  • Multilingual A-maze: Generating Maze Experiments in Mandarin and Beyond (Lisa Levinson, Yizhi Tang, Lucy Chiang, Wei-Jie Zhou, Sohee Chung; Poster 4.42)