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How do wild animals adapt to changing environments?
Evolutionary Ecology
What causes variation in animal behavior?
Animal Behavior
How do behavioral & life history traits evolve?
Comparative Studies
How does early life stress affect offspring?
Parental Effects

Lab News

Open position for undergrad to study red squirrel behavior & physiology

A 14-week NSF REU position is available in my lab from May-August 2019. The REU Student will participate in research regarding the effects of elevated maternal glucocorticoids (colloquially referred to as “maternal stress”) on the physiology, behavior, and life history traits […]

#DantzerLab at SICB 2019!

Almost the entire Dantzer Lab was at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology in Tampa, FL in January of 2019. It was a meeting of big accomplishments for all the lab members. Tricia, Mena, Matt, […]

Biology of sex differences course

This semester I’m really excited to organize a graduate seminar course about sex/gender from perspectives of evolutionary & neuroscience research (a vast topic!). Topics range from how we should talk about sex/gender in biological research, the evolution of sexual reproduction, […]

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