What do we do?

How do wild animals adapt to changing environments?
Evolutionary Ecology
What causes variation in animal behavior?
Animal Behavior
How do behavioral & life history traits evolve?
Comparative Studies
How does early life stress affect offspring?
Parental Effects

Lab News

Lab manual

We jointly developed our lab manual a few years ago and continue to try and modify it. Currently we are trying to rebrand our “mission statement” to make it more accessible and inclusive. Check it out here if you are […]

Welcome Lauren!

The Dantzer lab is excited to welcome our newest addition, Lauren Petrullo! Lauren is an NSF biology postdoctoral research fellow joining the Dantzer Lab in September 2020. She just finished her PhD at Stony Brook University where she worked with Dr. […]

Matt Gaidica Awarded NASA/TRISH Postdoctoral Fellowship

Matt Gaidica joined the Dantzer Lab last year to develop a novel bio-logging toolset and was recently awarded a postdoctoral fellowship through a cooperative agreement between Baylor College of Medicine’s Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) and NASA. Gaidica […]

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