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How do wild animals adapt to changing environments?
Evolutionary Ecology
What causes variation in animal behavior?
Animal Behavior
How do behavioral & life history traits evolve?
Comparative Studies
How does early life stress affect offspring?
Parental Effects

Lab News

Two new papers

I am happy to report the publication of two new pieces of original research from the Dantzer Lab. The first manuscript (here) that just came out in Ecology & Evolution was the result of a fun collaboration with Michael Sheriff (Penn State), […]

New paper: stress induced by invasive species

When a species is introduced to a new area, it often can have detrimental effects on the native ecosystem. The causes of those negative impacts are often unknown. The grey squirrel from North America was introduced to Europe in ~1948 […]

New Preprints

The Dantzer Lab believes in openly and quickly sharing results, data, and methods from our research. As a step in this direction, we are now posting all submitted manuscripts to bioArxiv using the CC-BY license. We’ve just started this process with […]

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