What do we do?

How do wild animals adapt to changing environments?
Evolutionary Ecology
What causes variation in animal behavior?
Animal Behavior
How do behavioral & life history traits evolve?
Comparative Studies
How does early life stress affect offspring?
Parental Effects

Lab News

#DantzerLab at SICB 2019!

Almost the entire Dantzer Lab was at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology in Tampa, FL in January of 2019. It was a meeting of big accomplishments for all the lab members. Tricia, Mena, Matt, […]

Biology of sex differences course

This semester I’m really excited to organize a graduate seminar course about sex/gender from perspectives of evolutionary & neuroscience research (a vast topic!). Topics range from how we should talk about sex/gender in biological research, the evolution of sexual reproduction, […]

Join the lab in Fall 2019

We are currently looking for Ph.D. students to join the lab in Fall 2019 to study questions about how maternal stress affects offspring characteristics. If you are interested, please check out the info here and contact Ben!

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