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How do wild animals adapt to changing environments?
Evolutionary Ecology
What causes variation in animal behavior?
Animal Behavior
How do behavioral & life history traits evolve?
Comparative Studies
How does early life stress affect offspring?
Parental Effects

Lab News

Congrats to Charlotte!

Congrats goes to Charlotte for finishing up her MSc. work in our lab and for her doing such a great job on her science communication efforts such as this recent article about her fox squirrel research. We will miss you […]

NSF REU position available

A 14-week NSF REU position is available in my lab from May-August 2020. The REU Student will participate in research regarding the effects of elevated maternal glucocorticoids (colloquially referred to as “maternal stress”) on the physiology, behavior, and life history traits […]

Ben wins awards!

Ben is really honored to win two awards! First, the Frank A. Beach New Investigator Award from the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology. Second, the Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology from the American Psychological Association (animal learning […]

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