Academia Unbound
In the Dantzer Lab at the University of Michigan, we are all about making science accessible to everyone! You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to learn about potential careers in academia. So we have created a site to make careers in science and academia more personal. In this blog, you will find a collection of questions and answers from various professors and speakers from all around the country! For each speaker that visits our lab at the University of Michigan, we try and make time for them to do a brief interview with us to address a specific list of questions about how they navigate academia, balance both work and their personal life, how they work, useful gadgets that they rely upon, and any other “life hacks” that they use. This blog was inspired by the series on “How I Work” at LifeHacker.

Dr. Cathy Marler
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Eileen Lacey
University of California-Berkeley

Dr. Dan Blumstein

Dr. Randy Nelson
West Virginia University

Dr. Larry Young
Emory University

Dr. Susan Alberts
Duke University

Dr. John Wingfield
University of California-Davis

Dr. Steven Cooke

Dr. Steven Cooke
Carleton University