The lab, 2014

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Use our main navigation menu to view our current lab members’ pages, or click on a name below.

Current members

J. Frank Yates, Lab Director
Ipek Demirdag, Honors Thesis student
Kathrin Hanek, Ph.D. student
Haoyang Yan, Ph.D. student
Stephanie Chen, Ph.D. student
Neil Lewis, Ph.D. student
Mike Hall, Ph.D. student

Lab Alumni

Kirsten Koseck, Honors thesis student
Rebecca Rhodes, Ph.D. student
Y. Charles Zhang, Ph.D. graduate
Laith Alattar, Ph.D. graduate, lab coordinator
Stephanie Carpenter, Ph.D. student
Brian Vickers, Ph.D. student
Jason Stornelli, Ph.D. student
Walter Sowden, Ph.D. student
Ryan Foley, Senior honors thesis student



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