Nat Kinsky

I became interested in neuroscience while working as a structural engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I decided to enroll at Boston University to study the brain, and my graduate work in the labs of Dr. Howard Eichenbaum and Dr. Michael Hasselmo focused on implementing single-photon calcium imaging in freely moving mice to capture large scale hippocampal neuron activity across weeks.

I joined the Diba lab in September 2019 as a post-doctoral researcher. My research focuses on how sleep supports memory consolidation in hippocampal and cortical circuits. I will utilize a combination of electrophysiology and calcium imaging techniques to probe whether/how high-frequency oscillations in the hippocampus contribute to long-lasting functional changes in cortical neurons. Additionally, I hope to probe how sleep deprivation and Alzheimer’s disease impact normal circuit interactions supporting long-term memory.

email: nkinsky[at]