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Mountain sunrise
Toolik Lake sunset, Alaska
Lake Nyos, Cameroon
Kuparuk River aufeis, Alaska
Sediments entering Galbraith Lake, Alaska
Degassing Fountain at Lake Nyos
Atigun River, North Slope of Alaska
River on North Slope of Alaska
Chutes de Ekom, Cameroon
Sagavanirktok River, Brooks Range, Alaska
Lake Enep, Cameroon (a volcanic maar)
Lakes south of Toolik Lake
Glacial tarn by Mintos Hut, Mt. Kenya
Depression pond, Madagascar (red bacterial mats)
Rainbow over Toolik Lake
Lake Monoun, Cameroon
Itigaknit Mountain - land of the midnight sun
Headwaters of the Sagavanirktok River, Alaska
Lake Nyos - 3 degassing pipes
Degassing pipe, Lake Nyos
Sampling Lake Nyos before the gas disaster
Lakes in foreground of Itigaknit Mt., Alaska
Fish eagle hunting on Lake Malawi
Toolik Lake, North Slope of Alaska
High DOC runoff from tundra in spring
Atigun R. and lakes near Galbraith Lake, Alaska
Lakes in the foothills of the Brooks Range, AK
Toolik Lake and camp, AK
Soil ice exposure (permafrost), North Slope, AK
Thermokarst (thawing frozen soil) near Toolik Lake, AK
Lake I-8, near Toolik Lake, AK

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