Research Staff and Students


Jason Dobkowski — Laboratory Manager

Jason has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Michigan. He first started working with the Kling lab in 2008.

Riley Peterson–Laboratory Technician

Riley started working in the Kling lab in 2020.

Karl Romanowicz  — Ph.D. Student currently in the Kling Lab


Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Page

Alumni  (Under Construction)

Mark Brahce — Mark has a Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan, and many years of experience in phytoplankton research and general limnology. He was the coordinator for the Department’s Limnology Laboratory course (BIO 484), and worked as our lab and administrative director for 10 years.

Chris Wallace — Chris has a Master’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University and joined the lab in 1999. Chris was the lab manager responsibile for our arctic projects, and handled the database development for the lab.

Amy Marlowe — Amy received her Master’s Degree working on hydrodynamics in marine larvae, and joined the Lab in 2001.  Amy worked on projects associated with our Arctic research.

Mandy Costa — Mandy has a Bachelor’s Degree in biology from the University of Michigan. She joined the lab in 1997 as an undergraduate, and worked for several years as a Research Associate in charge of research projects in Michigan, specifically our research on carbon cycling near the U-M Biological Station in northern Michigan.

Alan Striegle — Alan has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan. He started working in the lab part time as an undergraduate, and participated in an NSF-REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) project in 1996. Alan participated in research in Michigan and in the Arctic.

Past Students

Jasmine Crumsey (Ph.D. 2014).  Research Faculty, University of Georgia.

Ben Miller (M.S. 2014).  PhD student, University of Washington.

Jason Dobkowski (M.S. 2012).  Lab Manager, Kling Lab.

Heather Adams (Ph.D. 2010).  Scientist, NEON.

Sarah Barbrow (M.S. 2009)

Lauren Yelen (M.S. 2008)

Mary Anne Evans (Ph.D. 2007).  Research Scientist, US Geological Survey, Ann Arbor, MI.

Katy Keller (Ph.D. 2006, co-advised with Dr. Joel Blum).  Research Scientist, Shell Oil Company, TX.

Kristi Judd (M.S. 1998, Ph.D. 2004 ).  Professor, Eastern Michigan University, MI.

Tom Bridgeman  (Ph.D. 2001).  Professor, University of Toledo, OH.

Mercedes Castillo (Ph.D. 2000; co-advised with Dr. David Allen).  Professor, National Council of Science and Technology, Chiapas, Mexico.

Peder Yurista  (Ph.D. 1997).  Research Scientist, EPA, Duluth, MN.

Karen Riseng (M.S. 1997).

Kimberly Schulz (Ph.D. 1996).  Professor, Syracuse University, NY.

           In addition, many undergraduates have done research in our lab over the years:

Undergraduate research supervision

  1. Rebecca Olson (Fall Term 1994)
  2. Kyle Rackiewicz (Winter Term 1994)
  3. Russell Richmond (Summer 1994, NSF-REU program)
  4. Jennifer Petersen-Price (Winter Term 1995)
  5. Prakash Pandalai (Winter Term 1995)
  6. Alan Striegle (Fall 1995; Winter 1996; Summer 1996, NSF-REU program)
  7. Amy Troesch (Summer 1996)
  8. Marianette Gonzales (Spring 1997; Summer 1998)
  9. Jill Pond (Summer 1998)
  10. Erica Gwynn (Winter & Summer 1998, 1999 NSF-REU program)
  11. Amanda Lynch (Fall 1998; Winter 1999; Winter 2000)
  12. Robert Robke (Winter 2001)
  13. Akbar Khan (Winter 2002)
  14. Lindsey Barske (Summer 2002, NSF-REU program)
  15. Julie Allen (Summer 2003, NSF-REU program)
  16. Elizabeth Graham (Summer 2004, NSF-REU program; Fall 2004 & Winter 2005)
  17. Maria Dzul (Summer 2005, NSF-REU program; Fall 2005; Winter & Summer 2006)
  18. Ashley Larsen (Summer 2007, NSF-REU program)
  19. Natalie Day (Summer 2007, NSF-REU program)
  20. Jeff Boyar (Summer 2008, NSF-REU program)
  21. Tracy Coolidge (Summer 2009, NSF-REU program)
  22. Amy Markstein (Summer 2009, NSF-REU program)
  23. Kelly Davis (Summer 2010, NSF-REU program and U-M SNRE internship)
  24. Brittany Papworth (Summer 2012, NSF grant and Taylor Fellowship)
  25. Anna Clinger (Summer 2013, NSF-REU program)
  26. Kate Yuhas (Summer 2015, NSF-REU program)
  27. Graham Stewart (Summer 2016, NSF-LTER)
  28. Alexandria Kolenda (Summer 2017, NSF-LTER)
  29. Johanne Albrigtsen (Summer 2018, NSF-LTER)

Last Updated October 2018

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