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Versatile protein helps cells survive oxidative stress

First Aid for Stressed Proteins

Scientists from University of Michigan and Göttingen (Germany) unravel how a versatile protein, GET3, protects cells from oxygen damage. Published online in Molecular Cell.

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ICT News Desk: How Bleach Kills Bacteria

video image bleach (1)Researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have made strides in understanding exactly how bleach kills bacteria—and how bacteria’s own defenses can protect against the cellular stress caused by bleach. The insights gained may lead to the development of new drugs to breach these microbial defenses, helping our bodies fight disease.  Click to read more and see the video.

Order out of Disorder: Working Cycle of an Intrinsically Unfolded Chaperone Cell

The redox-regulated chaperone Hsp33 protects organisms against oxidative stress that leads to protein unfolding. Activation of Hsp33 is triggered by the oxidative unfolding of its own redox-sensor domain…

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The Secret Life of Bleach

Clean results: U-M researchers learn how bleach kills bacteria

In addition to the selected articles and interviews listed below, Ursula Jakob has been interviewed by AAAS Science Update radio program, Chemistry & Industry magazine (UK), Zeit Online (Germany), KDKA Radio (Pittsburgh, PA), Veterinary Information Network News Service andNPR’s Science Friday.

U-M scientists develop tool to probe role of oxidative stress in aging, disease