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Our mission is to explore the  cultural landscape of the Great Lakes region and the complex history of Lake Huron – from prehistoric hunter-gatherers that lived in the area 9,000 years ago to early 20th century shipwrecks.


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Caribou Hunting in the Upper Great Lakes: Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives

Edited by Elizabeth Sonnenburg, Ashley K. Lemke, John M. O’Shea

With Contributions by: Peter J. Barnett, Gregory Beaton, D. Brian Deller, Christopher J. Ellis, James Fogarty, William A. Fox, Patrick J. Julig, John H. McAndrews, Francine M. G. McCarthy, Elli Papangelakis, Thomas Palazzolo, Robert G. Reynolds, Areej Salaymeh, and Andrew M. Stewart

Bringing together American and Canadian scholars of Great Lakes prehistory to provide a holistic picture of caribou hunters, this volume covers such diverse topics as paleoenvironmental reconstruction, ethnographic surveys of hunting features with Native informants in Canada, and underwater archaeological research, and presents a synthetic model of ancient caribou hunters in the Great Lakes region. This book is well suited for anyone with interests in Great Lakes prehistory generally, past environments, or the archaeological discovery of the world’s oldest caribou hunting structures 120 feet below Lake Huron.

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