SPICEs Research Group

Space Particulates In Complex Environments Research Group

Lia Corrales

Principal Investigator

As head of SPICES I am always looking to bring in a diverse group of enthusiastic astrophysicists to work with me. Email liac@umich.edu   (more…)

George King

Post Doctoral Fellow

George is interested in exoplanets and how they are affected by the high-energy X-ray and UV radiation impigent upon them. (more…)

More information for Students

The SPICEs research group is looking for students to join us on the following topics. (more…)

Mayura Balakrishnan

PhD Student

Mayura is a 3rd year graduate student working on using simulations of stars close to Sagittarius A* to better understand the X-ray background in the galactic center.  (more…)

Ioanna Psaradaki

Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Ioanna Psaradaki specializes in high-energy astrophysics with expertise in high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy.(more…)

Sasi Ravi

Research Assistant

Sasti joined the research group in 2018-2020. (more…)