Application for Programs

MCAIM integrates mathematics with the sciences and with engineering across the University of Michigan (UM) and beyond. A primary mission of MCAIM is to initiate and foster collaborative, cutting-edge research connecting different fields. Towards this goal, MCAIM funds the following programs:

ActivityProposal should be received 
Conferences and advanced summer schoolsEight months in advance
Small workshops (one to two days)Four months in advance
Theme semesters14 months in advance

In exceptional situations, these timelines may be shorter. Applications for programs may be submitted year-round. For planning purposes, proposals should be received in a timely manner to allow for logistics.

Amount and Use of Funds:

MCAIM awards funds up to $5,000 for small workshops; up to $25,000 for conferences and advanced summer schools.  MCAIM also supports scientific visitors and theme semesters. Funds should be used to finance travel, lodging, hosting expenses for speakers and participants, and for other administrative purposes.

Who May Apply:

UM faculty may submit a proposal. Each program organizing committee should include at least one member of the UM Department of Mathematics and at least one member of another UM Department.

Activities and Proposals:

Proposed activities should have a component in mathematics and at least one other area such as engineering, physics or other natural sciences. The proposals should make clear how the activities improve interdisciplinary research and education, and how they integrate mathematics with the sciences.

A proposal should be no longer than three pages and include the following points:

  • Title and short description of the program
  • Organizers
  • Suggested dates (including alternative dates)
  • Scientific description, highlighting how the proposed activities promote interdisciplinary research and education, and how they integrate mathematics with the sciences
  • List of tentative speakers
  • Schedule
  • Estimate of the number of participants (or a tentative list of participants if available)
  • Other funding resources (if applicable)
  • Budget (including travel, hosting, etc.)

Proposals are submitted to MCAIM on this website and are accepted on a rolling basis. Please fill in the form and submit your proposal in pdf format through the Proposal Submission link: 

Proposals will be reviewed by the MCAIM steering committee and the MCAIM director. Decisions will be made within one month from receipt of the proposal.

For questions, please contact