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Families and Participants

Dr. Hyde and all members of the MiND lab are incredibly grateful to all the youth and their families who participate in research with us. We are excited to visit with you and learn more about your lives!

This page is to provide you with information on each of our studies:  

In most of our research we look forward to visiting your home, driving you to Ann Arbor, and spending the day with you on University of Michigan’s campus. Here families generally do a variety of things including having an MRI scan, filling out questionnaires, engaging in discussion based tasks, and playing games.

Please click on the name of the study that you will be participating in below to learn more about the specifics of what you will be doing during your time in our lab:

Adolescent Brain Development and Wellbeing Study

Michigan Twin Study (MTwiNS)

Study of Adolescent Neural Development (SAND)

We want your visit with us to be as enjoyable as possible, so please always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns: (734) 496-1529 or  mindlaboratory@umich.edu

*Please note that we do not provide any diagnostic or treatment services as part of our lab or our visits with families*

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