MIND LAB – Michigan Neurogenetics and Developmental Psychopathology

Michigan Neurogenetics and Developmental Psychopathology Lab

Welcome to the Michigan Neurogenetics and Developmental Psychopathology Lab! Research in the MiND lab focuses on understanding risk and resilience among youth and their families so as to help inform prevention and intervention strategies. In studying such processes we use tools such as longitudinal study design, neuroimaging (i.e., MRI), molecular genetic assays, clinical interviews, and observation methods conducted both in the participants’ home environment and in our laboratory at the University of Michigan. With these research strategies, we aim to understand development from a multi-disciplinary and multi-level perspective, looking at how individual experience and biology interact throughout the life span to increase risk or promote resilience.

Past and present research in the lab has focused on topics such as parenting and early child behavior problems, adolescent antisocial behavior and delinquency, the effects of family and neighborhood environment on development, callous-unemotional traits in youth and psychopathy traits in young adults, Neurogenetics and imaging genetic approaches to development and psychopathology, and Imaging Gene Environment Interactions (IG x E). Thus the lab focuses on development across childhood, adolescence, and into early adulthood, using models that help us understand the complex interaction of genes, experience, the brain, and behavior

Lab News

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