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Summer 2022 | Tyler Moore Reads "Bauhaus" MQR Sound

Tyler Moore reads his poem his poem, "Bauhaus," for MQR's Summer 2022 issue.
These cracks and rolls and waves, they are bright on this body.
Sight drowns and swirls you all down until you become this body.

Because on the internet fat rhymes with hate. I am become hate.
All your hate are belong to us, belong to me, to this body.

Blessed are the thin, sympathy pillowed in disorder.
Because who could ever bless the repugnant, bless this body?

Trauma is your playground word until it is draped on these bones
and dampened with sweats. Trauma’s a fad until it is this body.

Mothers blamed for us. By us. Mothers in flames for us.
I will strut these 4XL genes. I will—I will puddle this body.

I am to be everything this body is not. I will become
void. Become holy. Become whole against this body.

The love club bends and twists until it gives up and we are stretched. 
I was not made in the image, but I am divine. I am this body. 
Tyler Moore reads “Bauhaus” for MQR‘s Summer 2022 Virtual Launch Reading

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