Past MSSISS Events

MSSISS 2021 РKeynote Speaker: Dr. Xihong Lina (Harvard)

MSSISS 2020 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sophia Rabe-Hesketh (University of California, Berkeley)

MSSISS 2019 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alan Gelfand (Duke)

MSSISS 2018 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Xiao-Li Meng (Harvard)

MSSISS 2017 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas (MIT)

MSSISS 2016 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Jordan (University of California, Berkeley)

MSSISS 2015 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Myron Gutmann (University of Colorado)

MSSISS 2014 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeff Wu (Georgia Tech)

MSSISS 2013 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Tibshirani (Stanford)

MSSISS 2012 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Andrew Gelman (Columbia)

MSSISS 2011 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Terry Speed (Berkeley)

MSSISS 2010 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Adrian Raftery (Washington)

MSSISS 2009 – Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bradley Efron (Stanford)

Previous MSSISS Events (before 2009)

Photos from past events