The University of Zululand

The University of Zululand is a treasured place for the program to work and learn. It is for many, the place where they keep their second family. With the most amazing hospitality, a family atmosphere and a collegiate experience to rival their own the University of Zululand is always a big step for the personal development and the knowledge development of the program.


CatoCrest Primary, Mayville Primary and Secondary Cato Manor, KZ-N

Cato Manor is a township just outside of Durban that is a case study of the inequalities of the thriving port city and the people who work in it. HIV plagues the township to the point where the children jump to the program with an unrivaled excitement and vigor.


Durban University of Technology

“Restructuring for relevance” was the phrase we saw on a poster and we knew we were in the right place. One of our newest community companions in the fight against HIV they are quickly becoming just as much of our family as our oldest compatriots.


CAPRISA (Center for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa)

We are honored to work with leading researchers in not only the realm of HIV prevention and care but world class leaders in the fight for women’s sexual safety. We have been honored to attend lectures by those who are really working everyday to develop equality in science and technology of sexuality and we hope to work with them We are VERY happy to hear of their recent positive trial results and wish them hope on further trials.

POA 2011 team at CAPRISA in Durban


CAPRISA Vulindlela Site

Learners teaching back at CAPRISA
Learners teaching back at CAPRISA in 2015

Zwelebomvu Primary School Pinetown, KZ-N

Not exactly on the tour for most visitors to South Africa we found ourselves driving 45 min outside of Durban to where many of even the adults had never seen a person who wasn’t from their rural area let alone young adults from overseas. We find both great struggles and great trimuphs in the smiles of the faces of the children and hope that we make even a fraction of the difference in their lives that they make in ours.

student with chalk 2