Organizations affiliated with the Project:
Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs
British School at Athens
University of Michigan Department of Classical Studies
University of Liverpool Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

To visit the archaeological site:
Website run by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture 

Some projects around the world excavating households (not a comprehensive list):
In Greece:
Argilos, University of Montreal
The Azoria Project, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and
Iowa State University
Iklaina Archaeological Project, University of Missouri, St Louis
Kastro Kallithea, University of Alberta
Knossos (urbanism and town planning), University of Cincinnati
Zagora Archaeological Project, University of Sydney 

Basing House Project, University of Southampton
Çatalhöyük Research Project, Standford University and many others
Corktown Archaeological Project, Wayne State
Ilduro, York University and Cabrera de Mar Town Hall
Leicester University’s urban excavations on St Nicholas Place, Highcross St, and Vine St, Leicester

Some websites on ancient housing and urbanism:
Urban Organization through the Ages, Arizona State University 
Wide Urban World blog, Michael Smith, Arizona State University