The project is directed by Dr. Bettina Tsigarida, Director of the Museum and Ephorate of Pella, with Dr. Zosia Archibald of the University of Liverpool and Professor Lisa Nevett of the University of Michigan.

Lisa Nevett, Bettina Tsigarida, and Zosia Archibald

Lisa Nevett, Bettina Tsigarida, and Zosia Archibald

We are very grateful to all of the specialists who have agreed to work with us in the following capacities:

Dr. Chavdar Tzochev, Sofia

Dr. Evi Margaritis, The Cyprus Institute

Dr. Maria Kostoglou, Manchester University

Dr. Nikos Akamatis, The International Hellenic University
Dr. Dimitra Aktseli, Greek Archaeological Service
Professor Bradley Ault, State University of New York, Buffalo
Dr. Yannis Kanonidis, Greek Archaeological Service
Professor Kathleen Lynch, University of Cincinnati
Dr. Anna Panti, Greek Archaeological Service

Faunal Analysis
Dr. Sue Stallibrass, University of Liverpool

Field Survey, GIS, and Database Management
Dr. David Stone, University of Michigan

Professor Charles French, University of Cambridge
Dr. Lisa-Marie Shillito, Newcastle University
Dr. Sean Taylor, University of Cambridge

Geographic Information Systems
Dr. Peter Knoop, University of Michigan
Dr. Hannah Pethen University of Liverpool

Geophysical Survey
Dr. Jamieson Donati, Thessaloniki
Professor Chris Gaffney, Bradford University
Dr. Timothy Horsley, Northern Illinois University
Professor Nikos Papadopoulos, IMS-FORTH
Professor Apostolos Sarris, IMS-FORTH
Mr. Gregory Tucker, University of Michigan

Ms. Lorene Sterner, University of Michigan

Microartifact Analysis
Professor Lynn Rainville, Sweet Briar College
Ms. Elina Salminen, University of Michigan

Dr. Eftychia Alevizou, Greek Archaeological Service

Dr. Christos Gatzolis, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction

Professor Giorgos Syrides, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Professor Konstantinos Vouvalidis, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki

Phytolith Analysis
Dr. Carla Lancelotti, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Professor Marco Madella, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Dr. R. Veropoulidou, Thessaloniki

Mr. Nikos Alexakis, Greek Archaeological Service
Mr. Vasilis Andreou, Greek Archaeological Service
Dr. John Manousakis, Athens
Mr. Filippos Stefanou, Thessaloniki
Mr. Michalis Tsioumas, Greek Archaeological Service
Professor Dimitrios Zekkos, University of Michigan

Our foreman is Mr. Giannis Tsolakis, Greek Archaeological Service


We are very grateful to all of our volunteer team members for all of their hard work, on which the success of the Project depends!

In our 2017 seasons our team members were:

Artefact Study
Kate Caraway University of Liverpool
Nadhira Hill University of Michigan
Laura Hutchison Johns Hopkins University
Leticia Rodriguez Vivrette University of Texas, Austin

Ceramic Study
Andrew Cabaniss University of Michigan
Alice Chapman SUNY Buffalo
Alexia Miltiadis Johanssen Cardiff University
Irene Liesk Birkbeck, University of London
Elise Poppen SUNY Buffalo

Excavation Co-ordinators
Dr. Katherine Harrington ASCA (North Hill excavations and trench supervisor)
Dr. Stratos Nanoglou Greek Archaeological Service (South Hill excavations)

Excavation Supervisors
Marine Garcia University of Bordeaux
Michael Koletsos University of Michigan
Camilla Lindegard University of Copenhagen
Dr. Stephen O’Brien University of Liverpool
Uxue Rambla Eguilaz University of Oxford

Field Survey Team Leader
Machal Gradoz University of Michigan

Flotation and Microdebris Analysis
Elina Salminen University of Michigan

Dr. Joe Skinner Newcastle University
Cécile Buchwalder Athens

Tile Study
Elena Cuijpers University of Bonn

Alexandros Kaltsidis Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Vassilis Spanos Aristotle University, Thessaloniki

Excavation, Field Survey and Geophysical Survey Volunteers
Giorgos Alexakis University of Volos
Hella Barkati University of Nanterre
Lois Paige Barker University of Liverpool
Dave Bell University of Oxford
Hebe Clarke University of Michigan
Ed Clarke University of Liverpool
Ellis Cuffe University of Liverpool
Charlotte Davis University of Liverpool
Olivia Denk University of Basel
Paige Derue University of Michigan
Elsa Ducurtil University of Nanterre
Krasimir Dyulgerski University of Liverpool
Marion Erbib University of Nanterre
Alice Fraser University of Oxford
Laurel Fricker University of Michigan
Craig Harvey University of Michigan
Nadhira Hill University of Michigan
Sophie Lindon University of Liverpool
Matt Naglak University of Michigan
Dr. Elpi Naoum, Greek Archaeological Service
Tianni Rogers University of Liverpool
Troy Samuels University of Michigan
Elisa Sottilotta University of Bologna
Diomidis Soulakis Thessaloniki
Anjali Thapar University of Liverpool
Christos Vassilas Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Asterios Vassilas Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Ophelia Vlachopoulos University of Nanterre
Evangelia Zachou Aristotle University, Thessaloniki

In our 2016 seasons our team members were:

Flotation and Microdebris Analysis
SALMINEN Elina University of Michigan

Geophysical Survey:
SPARROW Thomas Bradford University
TUCKER Greg University of Michigan

Ceramic and Artefact Processing
CHAPMAN  Alice SUNY Buffalo
HUTCHISON Laura Johns Hopkins University
JOHANSSON Alexia Cardiff University
LIESK Irene Birkbeck, University of London
POPPEN Elise SUNY Buffalo

POTTER Natalie University of Michigan

Trench Supervisors:
ALEXAKIS Giorgos Ioannina University
CREOLA Alexandra University of Michigan
DURDOV Daniele Fribourg University
GARCIA Marine University of Bordeaux-Montaigne
HARRINGTON Katherine Brown University
KOLETSOS Michael University of Michigan
KASSAM Sameer Liverpool University
O’BRIEN Stephen Liverpool University
RAMBLA-EGUILAZ Uxue Oxford University
SMITH Dave Liverpool University

Excavation and Survey Team members:
ALLARD  Catherine Cardiff University
BRANNON Jack Newcastle University
CARAWAY Kate Liverpool University
CLARKE  Hebe University of Michigan
CLARKE Ed Liverpool University
COLLIER Jemma Bradford University
CORKUM Alex Bradford University
CUFFE Ellis Liverpool University
CUIJPERS Elena Leiden University
DENK Olivia Basel University
DYULGERSKI Krasimir Liverpool University
ENTWISTLE   Guy Cardiff University
ERBIB  Marian  University of Paris West, Nanterre
FRASER Alice Cardiff University
FIASCO Andrew University of Michigan
FRICKER Laurel  University of Michigan
FUCHS-Khakhar Christine Birkbeck, University of London
GATZOLIS Thanasis Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
GRIGORIADOU Stella Stockholm University
HEAF Rebecca Bradford University
JULIFF Samantha Cardiff University
LINDEGARD Camilla Copenhagen University
MORLEY-STONE Jake Liverpool University
OYA Naomi Newcastle University
ROBSON Joe Oxford University
RODRIGUEZ Leticia University of Texas
SCUTT Helena Liverpool University
SKUSE Matthew BSA/Exeter University
SOULAKIS Diomidis  Thessaloniki
TAYLOR Jessica Brighton University
WALTON Claire Birkbeck, University of London
WILSON Megan University of Michigan

In 2015 our team members were:

Trench Supervisors
Ms. Marine Garcia, University of Bordeaux
Ms. Katherine Harrington, Brown University
Mr. Patrik Klingborg, University of Uppsala
Ms. Julia Hurley, University of Cambridge
Dr. Helen Murphy-Smith, University of Liverpool
Dr. Stephen O’Brien, University of Liverpool
Dr. David Smith, University of Liverpool
Dr. Sue Stallibrass, University of Liverpool

Ms. Cecile Buchwalder, Free University of Brussels
Ms. Olivia Denk, University of Basel

Geographical Information Systems
Dr. Hannah Pethen, University of Liverpool

Ms. Alexia Johansson, Cardiff University
Ms. Irene Liesk, Birkbeck College, University of London

Field Survey
Dr. Ian Archibald
Dr. Elpi Naoum, Greek Archaeological Service
Mr. Diomidis Soulakis

Field survey and excavation team members
Mr. Giorgos ALEXAKIS, Ioannina University
Ms. Amelia BROWN, Courtauld Institute
Ms. Chelsea COLE, University of Michigan
Ms. Elena CUIJPERS, Leiden University
Ms. Olga DANIILIDOU, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Ms. Eleanor de SPRETTER, University of Liverpool
Mr. Daniele DURDOV, University of Fribourg
Mr. Krasimir DYULGERSKI, University of Liverpool
Ms. Alice FRASER, Cardiff University
Ms. Katherine HOPE, Aberystwyth University
Ms. Rosemary HUGHES, Cardiff University
Ms. Laura HUTCHISON, Johns Hopkins University
Ms. Samantha JULIFF, Cardiff University
Mr. Sameer KASSAM, University of Liverpool
Ms. Kali KATERNARI, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Ms. Alison KEMMERLE, University of Michigan
Ms. Camilla LINDEGARD, University of Copenhagen
Ms. Natasha McMAHON, University of Liverpool
Mr. Jake MORLEY-STONE, University of Liverpool
Ms. Sarah MURPHY, University of Liverpool
Mr. Edward NOLAN, University of Michigan
Ms. Malia PIPER, University of Michigan
Ms. Uxue Rambla-EGUILAZ, University of Oxford
Mr. Joe ROBSON, University of Oxford
Dr. Joe SKINNER, Newcastle University
Mr. Giorgos TSOLAKIS, New York University
Ms. Claire WALTON, Birkbeck College, University of London
Ms. Megan WILSON, University of Michigan

In 2014 our team members were:
Trench Supervisors
Ms. Katherine Harrington, Brown University
Ms. Kate Larson, University of Michigan
Ms. Elina Salminen, University of Michigan
Dr. Joe Skinner, Newcastle University
Dr. David Smith, University of Liverpool
Dr. Sue Stallibrass, University of Liverpool

Mr. Gregory Tucker, University of Michigan

Excavation and Field Survey Teams
Dr. Eftychia ALEVIZOU, Greek Archaeological Service
Mr. Giorgos ALEXAKIS, Ioannina University
Mr. Giannis ATHANASIADIS, Greek Archaeological Service
Mr. Mathieu DUBOIS, University of Manitoba
Mr. Daniele DURDOV, University of Fribourg
Ms. Uxue Rambla-EGUILAZ, University of Oxford
Mr. Thomas JAMES, University of Liverpool
Mr. Sameer KASSAM, University of Liverpool
Ms. Elena CUIJPERS, Leiden University
Ms. Zosia MATYJASZKIEWICZ, University of Bradford
Ms. Helen MURPHY-SMITH, University of Liverpool
Ms. Megan MURRAY, University of Manitoba
Ms. Zsuzsanna NAGY, University of Liverpool
Mr. Stephen O’BRIEN, University of Liverpool
Mr. David ROSE, University of Edinburgh
Mr. Diomidis SOULAKIS
Ms. Holly TAYLOR, University of Michigan