Current Students

Graduate Students

Siyun Chen, Visiting Graduate Student, Psychology & Sustainability

My research focuses on consumer judgment and decision-making in marketing contexts with moral and/or prosocial implications, such as consumer minimalism, sustainability, and moral behavior. My work also examines consumers’ own prosocial and immoral behaviors in the marketplace. Specifically, my research takes a multi-method approach (using secondary data, field studies, and experiments) to explore how consumers respond to various company practices with negative moral implications (e.g., moral transgressions, waste, and profitability). I also conduct research on cross-cultural consumer behavior, and in particular, the ways cultural values shape consumer moral judgment and prosocial/immoral behaviors in the marketplace. My work appears in Psychology & Marketing, Frontiers in Psychology, and Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, among others.


Tanner Nichols, Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology


Hwayong Shin, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science

I’m a doctoral student in political science at the University of Michigan. I am currently working on two projects in the lab: 1) developing a scale to measure tendencies to engage in evidence-based reasoning, and 2) developing instructional modules that aim to encourage evidence-based reasoning. My dissertation research explores ways to build bipartisan trust in fact-checking sources.


Jian Sun, AMDP Graduate Student, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

My name is Jian Sun, and I am an AMDP graduate student in the department of psychology. I am currently working on an fMRI project investigating people’s emotional reactions to historic buildings. My research interests focus on emotion, fMRI, and cognitive neuroscience. For fun, I like to read novels and try new foods!


Undergraduate Students

Alex Andersen, Psychology & Sustainability

I’m really interested in the social and environmental factors that influence people’s attitudes toward sustainability, as well as their environmental stewardship behaviors. Outside of school, I love photography and inventing new recipes.


Sarah Hegel, Neuroscience

My name is Sarah Hegel and I am a pre-med junior studying neuroscience. I am currently working on a project linking hoarding behavior and the endowment effect. I am particularly interested in empathy and its effect on decision-making. I often spend my free time with friends, baking, and reading.


Jackson Hoffman, Neuroscience & Psychology

My name is Jackson and I am a senior majoring in neuroscience and psychology. I am currently helping investigate empathy interventions in care providers and am especially interested in promoting empathy both in and out of clinical contexts.


Robert Hsu, Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience

The area of research I am particularly interested in is valuation and decision making. I like to consider how the mind attributes value and how that affects action selection and other outcomes. I often spend my free time working out, catching up with friends, and cooking.


Anusha Kallapur, Cognitive Science, Decision and Cognition Track

I am interested in the science of decision making in different situations and under different influences. I am currently working on a project to integrate science and literature. In my free time, I enjoy going for long walks around the campus and practicing music.


Keithan Lee, Neuroscience

My name is Keithan, and I am a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience. I am really interested in how people perceive their surroundings and how it influences them. I am currently working on a project investigating people’s responses to historical buildings. In my free time, I enjoy practicing Tae-Kwon-Do and swimming!


Russell Noble, Cognitive Science (Cognition and Decision Track)

I am broadly interested in the role of emotion in decision making. In the lab I have worked on projects examining people’s donations to charities when competing political views are involved and projects about individuals’ tendencies to acquire and hoard items. When I have the time, I enjoy trying new foods and cooking.


Sara Schlatner, Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience

I am interested in how emotions and empathy affect resource allocation and decision-making. I am currently working on the Jaffe Project to teach people how to use evidence-based reasoning. In my free time I like to spend time with friends, go on walks, and bake!


Ami Suresh, Neuroscience

I am currently working on the Jaffe project, which teaches people how to use evidence-based reasoning, and I am particularly interested in behavioral neuroscience and psychology. For fun, I like to mess around on the piano and arrange music.


Anita Weng, Psychology

My name is Anita Weng and I’m a junior studying Psychology. I’m interested in factors that shape people’s views on the environment and their willingness to engage in pro-environmental behavior. In my free time, I enjoy running, reading, and listening to music.


Research Affiliates

Puneet Bhargava

Substantive areas of my interest include perception and decision-making. As part of the Jaffe project, I am creating cartoon animations that help people learn how to use evidence-based reasoning, and in my free time I enjoy physical fitness activities such as yoga, jogging, and weight training.



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