SOC 225 Overview

SOC 225 – Project Community: Sociology in Action

Project Community is the Sociology Department’s community-engaged learning course that is available to all students.


Project Community is committed to student involvement in community service and social action, both to improve the lives of those in the community, as well as to enhance student learning and development. By engaging in ongoing reflection and active learning, students assess personal values, come to better understand themselves, and grow in social responsibility. Students are primarily involved with individuals in the community who experience social inequalities, and learn with and from them.

Why Should I Participate in Project Community?

Project Community (SOC 225) is an ideal experiential complement to the regular academic instruction provided by the Department of Sociology faculty. It can be a useful tool for getting acquainted with the “real-life” applications of sociology. Participants develop and make meaningful connections and contributions to Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit communities.

SOC 225

Project Community’s unique design provides opportunities for connected and simultaneous learning in the classroom and community. In addition to attending a weekly lecture, students will participate in a discussion section in one of three program areas:

Time in class is interactive and focused on creating dialogue and discussion about related sociological issues. Students engage in approximately s-4 hours (time varies by community site) of service in community settings each week. Students enrolled in SOC 225 are responsible for regular attendance in the weekly lecture and discussion sections, as well as consistent participation at the designated community service site. Students will be asked to complete weekly readings, reflective writing assignments, and final papers.

SOC 225 is not repeatable. Regular credit exclusions and limitations (i.e., experiential credit limits) apply for Sociology majors, LJSC minors, and SHM minors.

For more information about enrolling in SOC 225, visit the LSA Course Guide.

In need of a vehicle or a ride?

Students enrolled in SOC 225: Project Community who have a valid driver’s license are able to work with Community-Engaged Academic Learning (CEAL) to use a vehicle. Carpooling among students in the same section is encouraged.

Visit the CEAL-RIDE website for more information.

Project Community students carpooling to Washtenaw County Jail.