Principal Investigator

Dr. Priti Shah

As a cognitive and educational psychologist, my primary goal is to understand how to overcome limitations in the performance of complex cognitive tasks. In particular, I investigate cognitive tasks that require managing multiple goals, integrating different sources of information, and forming coherent, memorable representations. My research has two foci. In one line of research, I have examined the comprehension of visual displays used in a wide variety of contexts, including elementary science and math education and scientific research. My second line of research focuses on understanding two basic mechanisms that support complex cognition, working memory and executive functions, and the degree to which they can be improved.

Research Scientists

Dr. Audrey Michal is a cognitive psychologist with experience studying topics related to cognitive neuroscience, data visualization, and scientific reasoning. In her current line of research she investigates the best way to teach middle and high school students scientific reasoning skills. Check out Audrey’s personal website here

Graduate Students

Xin Sun is a doctoral student in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology program. She also works in the Language and Literacy Lab with Dr. Ioulia Kovelman. She is interested in finding ways to improve students’ learning as well as teachers’ teaching, and cross-cultural studies in education and psychology.

Madison Fansher is a third year PhD student in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience program. Her research examines how internal and external representations guide problem solving and applications of cognitive psychology to education. She is especially interested in the role technology plays in learning.

Jahla Osborne is a first year PhD student in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience program. Her current research examines individual differences in ADHD as it relates to internal and external distraction. She is especially interested in studying the phenomenon Hyperfocus within ADHD as well.

Graduate Student Collaborators

Madelyn Quirk is a second year PhD student in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience area of the Psychology department. Her research focuses on the varying mechanisms of attention by studying internal and external distraction and the cognitive and motivational processes of ADHD. Through collaboration with the BAAC, she is able to explore these interests within different educational and scientific contexts as well. 

Lillie Moffat is a doctoral student in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology working with Drs. Fred Morrison and Christina Weiland. She currently collaborates with the BAAC lab on a study of delay of gratification of preschoolers, and provides consulting on classroom measures of attention.

Current Undergraduate Students

Kendell Lewis, Lily Johnston, Ashley Bond, Samuel Adams

Current and Former University of Michigan Collaborators

Current and Former Collaborators from Other Institutions

Former PhD Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Tessa Abagis, User Researcher, Sonos Inc.
  • Han Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan
  • Alex Caple, Providence College
  • Amira Ibrahim, Assistant Professor, CSUCI
  • Kathleen Hupfeld
  • Benjamin Katz, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
  • Zuowei Wang, Research Scientist, ETS
  • Rebecca Rhodes, Behavioral Scientist, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
  • Ronit Greenberg, CRLT, University of Michigan
  • Martin Buschkuel, Mind Research Institute
  • Susanne Jaeggi, UC Irvine
  • Shaylene Nancekivell, UNC Greensboro
  • Meredith Minear, Associate Professor, University of Wyoming
  • Aysecan Boduroglu, Professor, Bogacizi University
  • Marie Burrage, Director of Research and Decision Support, Questrom School of Business, Boston University
  • Fernando Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of Teaching, University of California, Irvine
  • Holly White, Research Scientist, University of Michigan

Former Undergraduate and Masters Students

  • Simran Wadhwa, Research Assistant
  • Melissa Durante, Honors student
  • Azeem Sajjad, Research Assistant
  • Maxwell Lewis, Research Assistant
  • Jeffrey Moher (currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Williams College)
  • Annalyn Ng, Honor’s Student
  • Alexandria Wiliams, Honor’s student
  • Rebecca Atkinson, Honor’s student
  • Atasi Satpathy, Honor’s student
  • Mohammad Rahman, Research Assistant
  • Ulrike Biangardi
  • Johanna Bromberg
  • Emily Kaplan, Research Assistant
  • Gillian Graifman, Research Assistant
  • please send me a bio and photo if you’d like to be included on this page– I’d love to list you!