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Dr. Terry E. Robinson was raised and educated in Canada, and in 1978 received his Ph.D. in Psychology (Biopsychology) from the University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario. After postdoctoral training at the University of California at Irvine he assumed a position as Assistant Professor of Psychology in Biopsychology at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has served as Chair of the Biopsychology Program and Director of the Neuroscience Program. Dr. Robinson is known internationally for his research concerning the persistent behavioral and neurobiological consequences of repeated psychostimulant drug use, and the implications of these for addiction and relapse. His present research focuses on individual differences in the propensity to attribute incentive motivational properties to cues associated with rewards (e.g., food or drugs), and how this may predispose some individuals to develop impulse control disorders, such as addiction. He has published over 220 articles, and his papers have been cited over 31,000 times (h=81; since 2006 he has been listed on ISIHighlyCited.com as one of the highest cited [top 0.5%] scientists in Neuroscience). He has held a NIH Research Career Development Award, a NIDA Senior Scientist Award, a NIDA-funded MERIT Award and is currently PI on a Program Project grant from NIDA and a Project Director on a P50 “Centers of Excellence” Award from NIDA. Dr. Robinson is a Fellow of the AAAS, a Charter Fellow of the American Psychological Society (APS), a member of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) and is currently President-Elect of the European Behavioral Pharmacology Society (EBPS). Awards include the D.O. Hebb Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the American Psychological Association (2010), the Distinguished Scientist Award from EBPS (2013), and the William James Fellow Award for Lifetime Achievement from APS (2014). He has served on numerous NIH grant review panels, and for 13 years was Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Behavioural Brain Research. He is currently the Elliot S. Valenstein Distinguished University Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience and Director of the NIDA Training Program in Neuroscience at Michigan.


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