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Appreciation in Relationships (AIR) Scale

For development and validation details, see “To Have and To Hold: Gratitude Promotes Relationship Maintenance in Intimate Bonds” (Gordon et al., 2012).

Items are scored on a 7-point scale from “Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree.”

Appreciative subscale

  1. I tell my partner often that s/he is the best.
  2. I often tell my partner how much I appreciate her/him.
  3. At times I take my partner for granted. (R)
  4. I appreciate my partner.
  5. Sometimes I don’t really acknowledge or treat my partner like s/he is someone special. (R)
  6. I make sure my partner feels appreciated.
  7. My partner sometimes says that I fail to notice the nice things that s/he does for me. (R)
  8. I acknowledge the things that my partner does for me, even the really small things.
  9. I am sometimes struck with a sense of awe and wonder when I think about my partner being in my life.

Appreciated subscale

Appreciated subscale

  1. My partner makes sure I feel appreciated.
  2. When I am with my partner, sometimes s/he will look at me excitedly and tell me how much s/he appreciates me.
  3. My partner often tells me the things that s/he really likes about me.
  4. At times my partner takes me for granted. (R)
  5. My partner often expresses her/his thanks when I do something nice, even if it’s really small.
  6. My partner doesn’t notice when I do nice things for her/him. (R)
  7. My partner makes me feel speciala.

Note. The appreciative subscale includes two items assessing people’s appreciative attitudes (Items 3 and 9) and seven items assessing people’s
appreciative behaviors (Items 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). R = reverse scored.

a Item added to AIR Scale based on self-reported lay experiences.

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