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Resources for Dyadic and Multilevel Modeling

Slides: An Introduction to Dyadic Methods

These slides provide a brief introduction to dyadic methods. They were presented by Dr. Gordon at the University of Michigan Psychology Department’s Method Hour in October 2021. In the 40 minute talk, she covered what dyadic methods are, some benefits of collecting dyadic data, conceptual models (including introductions to the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model, Common Fate Model, and Dyadic Response Surface Analysis), distinguishability, dyadic repeated measures, and statistical issues to be aware of when analyzing dyadic data.

You can also view the recording of the talk here.

Slides: Multilevel Modeling Workshop, Oct. 2019

These slides offer an in-depth guide to multilevel modeling. They were presented by Dr. Gordon in a workshop at the University of Toronto in October of 2019. Click on the photo on the left to access the PDF.

Webinar: A Practical Guide to Multilevel Modeling

This two-part webinar is free for members of SPSP. Click on and navigate to “past webinars” to view the webinar. You will be prompted to enter your SPSP login.

External Resources

The Analysis Factor – Mixed and Multilevel Models

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