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WHIRLwell Research App

The WHIRLwell research app gives you access to online studies being conducted by members of the WHIRLab and their collaborators. The app was developed at the University of Michigan.

Android users can download the app here.

The IOS version can be downloaded here.

Researchers, if you would like to test out the app, two sample studies are available:

  1. A 4-Day Experience Sampling Study is available under “Public Studies”. After enrolling, you will receive brief surveys four times a day for 4 days (randomization feature will start functioning in mid-January 2022).
  2. A 4-Day Diary Study is available as a “private study.” Type “SAMPLE_DIARY” into the search bar on the studies tab and the study will appear. Type any 4-digit code under “id code” and enroll. You will receive surveys each night for 4 nights.

For more information about the app, contact WHIRLabAppInfo@umich.edu.

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