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Social Context Study

The WHIRLab, together with the Emotion and Self Control Lab, is trying to learn more about how context influences interpersonal communication. We are recruiting couples to take part in an in-lab study that includes a 1hr45min session with your partner. Each person will receive up to $35 ($70/couple) for completing all parts of the study.

The study includes a background survey and one in-person lab session where you and your partner will complete a series of short surveys and tasks. We will also collect non-invasive physiological data such as heart rate.

Want to enroll in the study?

Complete the brief prescreening form HERE.

More About the Study:

Participating with your partner: We are interested in the experience of both members of a couple and would set up a time that both you and your partner could come to the lab together. The in-lab session would take 1hr45min. Before the first lab session, you and your partner would each complete a background survey.

Privacy: Though we ask for your email to coordinate your presence in the lab, any information you provide during the session will not be associated with your identifying details. We will record audiovisual data if your consent is given. De-identified data may be made available online to other researchers. Aggregated results may be posted online.

Questions about the study? Contact

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