The Schultz Site at Green Point: A Stratified Occupation Area in the Saginaw Valley of Michigan

James E. Fitting

M 4

In this volume, editor James E. Fitting compiles research and analysis on the Schultz site, a key archaeological site in the Saginaw Valley of eastern Michigan. Ten contributors, including Fitting, write on the features and artifacts found during years of excavation at this important site. Fitting also includes a review of the general patterns of cultural development in the Saginaw Valley.

The Prehistory of the Burnt Bluff Area

James E. Fitting, ed.

AP 34

The Burnt Bluff area is an archaeological site in Delta County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Contributions by James E. Fitting, Charles E. Cleland, G. Richard Peske, Donald E. Janzen, Earl J. Prahl, W. R. Farrand, Douglas W. Lugthart, and Volney H. Jones.

The Paleo-Indian Occupation of the Holcombe Beach

James E. Fitting, Jerry Devisscher, and Edward J. Wahla

AP 27

The Holcombe site, in Macomb County, Michigan, was occupied about 11,000 years ago. At that time, it was situated on the shore of glacial Lake Clinton. In this volume, the authors describe their excavation of this site and the artifacts they found, including thousands of chipped stone tools. They also describe other Paleoindian sites along the ancient Holcombe beach and compare this site with others in the area.

Late Woodland Cultures of Southeastern Michigan

James E. Fitting

AP 24

James E. Fitting provides an overview of archaeological material from sites in southeastern Michigan. His primary focus is the Riviere au Vase site (also called the Graham site, the Greene School site, and the Mud Creek site), in Macomb County, which was excavated by Emerson Greenman and others in 1936 and 1937. At this Woodland site, the investigators found burials, ceramic and lithic artifacts, and faunal remains. Fitting also writes about the Fuller sites and the Verchave sites.