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I was (officially) diagnosed with Diabetes Type II on March 30, 2015, although I had known for about a month, at that point. I was incongruously relatively early onset and in proud possession of some horrid laboratory numbers. In seven months I dropped 100 pounds, permanently switched to a low carb and minimal sugar diet, and ended up as an undetectable (“managed”) diabetic with a Basal Metabolic Rate that is now about 1100-1200 calories/day.

Why do this about a medical condition? I am an educator by nature, and if I can turn this experience (and the information I have gleaned) into something useful for anyone else, then why the hell not? I had to be open about it, anyhow, given that the most significant physical change happened over the summer when I was doing a lot of travel. When I got back to campus, it only took about a day of getting silent stares to figure out that no one wanted to say anything about it, figuring I had contracted some kind of terminal condition.

I get 1-3 inquires a month from people who know people who know me, including newly diagnosed diabetics, and I am more than happy to share the story – along with the caveats that I am merely an N=1 case, and results may differ dramatically.

Need I add it? I am not an MD nor do I pretend to be one. I can read the research literature and come to something of an informed set of questions. My physicians have mostly been smart enough to ask me what I wanted to do, and what they might answer.