UM’s 2020 Psychology Diversity Recruitment Weekend

The Department of  Psychology’s Diversity Recruitment Weekend application is now open! This is a great opportunity undergraduates and recent grads who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology, neuroscience, or comparative cognition and behavior. Applications are due Sept 4; see here for more information.

Averill receives developmental psychology fellowship

Congrats to Averill for receiving a fellowship from University of Michigan’s National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Developmental Psychology Training Grant for her work on comparative cognitive development the 2020-2021 year!

Paru presents her thesis research!

Paru presented her honors thesis research (done in collaboration with her co-mentors Averill and Francesca) on the links between temperament and cognitive flexibility in lemurs.

Rosie awarded Leakey Foundation Grant!

Rosie was recently awarded a grant from the Leakey Foundation to carry out her PhD research on the evolution of social intelligence in macaques. Stay turned for new data on social cognition and social behavior across the Barbary macaques of Trentham Monkey Forest the the rhesus macaques of Cayo Santiago. Congrats Rosie!

Rosie and Megan at Trentham Monkey Forest

Rosie and Megan have wrapped up their summer studying Barbary macaque social cognition and behavior at Trentham Monkey Forest in the UK! Here they are testing a monkey on a looking tie task: Rosie shows the monkey some interesting objects, while Megan films the monkey’s looking response.

Averill’s first trip to the Congo

Averill and Alex have been visiting Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Republic of Congo this summer–Averill’s first trip to Congo to study chimpanzee health and cognition!

Paru starts her thesis on lemur cognition!

Paru, Gabrielle, and Francesca recently arrived at the Duke Lemur Center to study cognition across several species of lemurs. Here is Paru starting her first day of thesis research on cognitive flexibility!

Hayoung will attend the Royal Veterinary College

Former Cognitive Evolution Group honors thesis student Hayoung Chang (Harvard College Integrative Biology ’18) will attend the Royal Veterinary College in London in the fall. Congrats Hayoung!

Megan presents her thesis research!

Megan M. presented her thesis research (done in collaboration with her graduate mentor Rosie) on the cognitive mechansism supporting human cooperation at the UM Psychology Research Forum. Congrats Megan!