In the Queue: Forthcoming Essays

WIKTOR MARZEC and RISTO TURUNEN Parliament and Revolution: Poland, Finland, and the End of
Empire in Early Twentieth Century

YAZAN DOUGHAN The Rule of Law as a Problem Space: Wāsṭa and the Paradox of Law in Jordan

ROY BAR SADEH Worldmaking in the Hijaz: Muslims between Indian and Soviet Visions of Managing Difference, 1919–1926

AYMERIC XU Typologies of Secularism in China: Religion, Superstition, and Secularization

GAURAV C. GARG Between Global History and Microhistory: Rethinking Histories of “Small
Spaces” and Cities

SEAN MCENROE Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Technology and Magic in the Ghost Dance, Boxer
Uprising, and Maji Maji Rebellion

DEBORAH WINSLOW Cartwheel or Ladder? Reconsidering Sinhala Caste

FRIEDEMANN PESTEL The Political Force of Memory: The Making and Unmaking of Brexit as an

ANDREI SORESCU “The ‘Is’ at Home, the ‘Ought’ Abroad: Self-Comparison as Self-Criticism and
the Transylvanian Model in Early Twentieth-Century Romania

DEBORAH ELLISTON Navigating “Race” at Tahiti: Polynesian and European Encounters

SUMIT GUHA Languages of Empire in the Perso-Indian World

CHRISTIAN TYM Indigenous Knowledge and Ontological Difference? Ontological Pluralism,
Secular Public Reason, and Knowledge between Indigenous Amazonia and the West

ISAAC FRIESEN Flexible States in History: Rethinking Secularism, Violence, and Centralized
Power in Modern Egypt

N. YASEMIN BAVBEK and JUHO TOPIAS KORHONEN From an “Insignificant Balkan State” to a
“Country of White Lilies”: Nation-making and Development from the Russian Empire’s
Periphery to Post-Ottoman Turkey

STEVEN PIERCE The Suffering Subject: Colonial Flogging in Northern Nigeria and a
Humanitarian Public, 1904–1933

GABRIEL BYNG The Architecture of Politics and the Politics of Architecture: A Comparative
Approach to Parish Church Building and Civic Government in Late-Medieval Europe

AARON KAPPELER The Devil and Florentino: Specters of Petro-Populism in Venezuela

OLIVIA MARIA GOMES DA CUNHA The Earth Is Sweet: On Cottica Ndyuka (De)compositions

RAMNARAYAN S RAWAT Recovering the Dalit Public Sphere: Vernacular Liberalism in Late
Colonial India

JONATHAN BRENT CROSSON The Subterranean Unsettling of Science, Race, and Religion: Obeah,
Petroleum Geology, and Risk in Trinidad

J. BARTON SCOTT Heterodoxies of the Body: Death, Secularism, and the Corpse of Raja
Rammohun Roy

SUN JOO KIM Inventing Ancestors and Limited Empiricism in Chosŏn Korea: A Case of the
Kigye Yu Lineage

USMON BORON “And I Believe in Signs”: Soviet Secularity and Islamic Tradition in Kyrgyzstan

ALEX BARNARD A Discipline Like No Other: Marginalized Autonomy and Institutional Anchors in French
Public Psychiatry

RÉMI HADAD Re-Territorializing the Neolithic: Architecture and Rhythms in Early Sedentary
Societies of the Near East