The Work of Retrieval

CSSH author Krishan Kumar tells us why returning to earlier generations of scholars is a worthwhile endeavor and which forgotten classics have shaped his intellectual development.


Elephants, Kings, and Comparison, a Conversation with Tom Trautmann

CSSH speaks with Tom Trautmann about his lifelong interest in elephants, the subject of his 2015 book Elephants and Kings and 2021 CSSH article, “Megasthenes on the Military Livestock of Chandragupta and the Making of the First Indian Empire.”


Distinguishing Types and Discourses of Indigeneity: A Conversation with Andrew Canessa, Winner of the 2019 Jack Goody Award

Huex codex 1a loc Image made in 1531 by Nahua Indians in legal case in Mexico and Spain against Spanish administrators who abused them. The Indians were part of the Cortes estate. Cortes was a co-plantiff against the administrators who mismanaged his estate. Image taken from a Library of Congress page.

We are delighted to announce (again) that Andrew Canessa has won the 2019 Jack Goody Award for his essay, “Indigenous Conflict in Bolivia Explored through an African Lens: Towards a Comparative Analysis of Indigeneity.”