CSP Publishes History of Washtenaw County Jail

Washtenaw County Jail: Politics, Power, and Resistance in a College Town” is the first in a series of investigative reports by the Confronting Conditions of Confinement team about the history of local jails in Southeast Michigan. Washtenaw County Jail, located in Ann Arbor, has a history of corruption and controversy, overcrowding and protests, and more recent reform initiatives. The jail has incarcerated political activists, including UM student radicals; African Americans from Detroit, during the 1967 Uprising; and many people charged with low-level offenses over the years. This multimedia investigative report utilizes archival documents and photographs to reveal the largely hidden story of a jail just down the road from the University of Michigan. Created by Jamie Hein, Samantha Bodin, Claudia Rubalcava, and Alex Burnett.

By Matthew D Lassiter

Professor of History, University of Michigan