2021-22 Readings

Meetings are every other Friday from 1:30–2:20 pm online (contact Josh Hunt for zoom link)

4/1/22: N. Emery 2021 draft, “The Governing Conception of Laws

3/11/22: H. Demarest 2017, “Powerful Properties, Powerless Laws”

2/18/22: A. Solé and C. Hoefer 2019, “The Nomological Status of the Wave Function”

2/4/22: J. Milton 1980, “The Origin and Development of the Concept of the ‘Laws of Nature'”

1/21/22: J. Carroll 2020, “Laws of Nature

Fall 2021 (meetings were every other Friday from 1–2pm, online)

12/3/21: D. Wallace (2021 version) “Observability, redundancy and modality

11/19/21: T. Moller-Nielsen, “Invariance, Interpretation, and Motivation

11/5/21: E. Castellani and R. Dardashti 2022, “Symmetry Breaking”

10/22/21: N. Teh 2022, “Gauge Theories” and D. Wallace 2003, “Time-dependent Symmetries”

10/8/21: S. Dasgupta 2022, “Symmetries and Superfluous Structure”

9/24/21: D. Papineau 2021draft, “The Causal Structure of Reality

9/10/21: M. Frisch 2021, “Causal Explanation in Physics”


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