2013: Foundations of Quantum Field Theory

Foundations of Quantum Field Theory
@ University of Michigan
Earl Lewis Room
Rackham Graduate School
April 30, 2013

“Gauge Symmetry in Field Theory and Gravity: Pinning down the similarities and differences”
David Wallace (Philosophy, Oxford)
Comments by: Charles Sebens (Michigan)

“A Unitary S-Matrix with Future-Past Correlations”
Ratindranath Akhoury (Physics, Michigan)
Comments by: Sam McDermott (Michigan)

“Can We Make Do Without Observables?
Evaluating Spacetime State Realism”
David Baker (Philosophy, Michigan)
Comments by: Sophie Monahan (Michigan)

“Naturalness as a Guide to Formulations of Quantum Field Theories”
James Wells (Physics, Michigan & CERN)
Comments by: Daniel Peterson (Michigan)

“In Support of the Coalesced Structures Argument: Classical statistical mechanics and constructive quantum field theory”
Doreen Fraser (Philosophy, Waterloo)
Comments by: Yann Benétreau-Dupin (UWO)

News: Doreen Fraser mentioned the workshop on her department blog.


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