Here a new Athens shall arise with its schools of Philosophy and Art, and its Acropolis crowned with another Parthenon.”

—U-M President Henry P. Tappan speaking at his inaugural address (Tappan 1852b)

Ann Arbor has been known as “the Athens of the Midwest.” This project is dedicated to what has been giving Ann Arbor its unique Greek character.

Welcome to Greek Ann Arbor! This website displays research on connections to Greece in Ann Arbor. It focuses on architecture, artwork, as well things such as names or symbols that have Greek origin or influence. All materials related to Hellenism, from any period of Greek history, are considered as valuable data.

This website is a project of the Modern Greek Program of the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan, which is responsible for its creation, maintenance, and support.

It was conceived by Vassilis Lambropoulos, and researched and designed by Constantinos Demetral, who are currently overseeing it. This site is intended to be a companion site to Greek U-M Campus, which documents Greek influences at the University of Michigan.

Any questions, comments and or concerns can be directed to Constantinos Demetral.bicentennial-primary-no-tagline