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These Greek Revival buildings, which are not historically listed, require further investigation in terms of their history.

Little Carpenter House


Little Carpenter House. Although not located in Ann Arbor, it is an illustrative example of a Greek Revival residence.

This unique two-story Greek Revival house that is faced with clapboard has a recessed porch with a central entryway and square columns. It is surprising to see that even people with modest means in the 19th century designed their homes using Greek models. Homes like these speak to the range of Greek Revival architecture and reinforce that during the mid 19th century it was the national style and that many people were inspired by the Greeks at the time.

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Blue House

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501 Onondaga Street

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222 North Thayer Street

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115 Chapin

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735 North Main Street

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616 Miller Avenue

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433 Second Street

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414 Second Street

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