the IPL smorgasbord at AGU 2020

There was a good showing of IPL members at the 2020 annual AGU Fall meeting, sharing our recent work. Here’s an overview:

Sarah Katz, PhD student: Reconstructing precipitation δ18O from lacustrine carbonates using δ18O, Δ47, and Δ′17O: a modern case study from Junín, Peru with implications for paleoclimate. link to talk, PDF of abstract.

Julia Kelson, NSF EAR postdoc working in both the SCIPP lab and IPL:
Deltas in an estuary: clumped and triple oxygen isotope analyses reveal isotopically depleted headwaters in the early Eocene of Southern CA. link to talk, PDF of abstract.

Tyler Huth, IPL postdoc: Using triple oxygen isotopes to constrain speleothem paleorecord interpretation in western USA cave systems. link to talk, PDF of abstract.

Naomi Levin: A wet basin during dry times: a new Pliocene lake record from the Afar region, Ethiopia. link to talk on AGU site, PDF of abstract, and video of the recorded talk.